application-timing-2.jpgIE Business School has a rolling admissions process which had been discussed more in detail in a previous post. Today I would like to explain more in detail WHEN is the right moment to apply to IE programs or better what is the tentatively latest moment to apply given that youâ??re not European citizen and you will need to apply for a student visa.

The best way to do this is using an example:
Imagine youâ??re applying for the IE International MBA program which starts in November. As you have researched the program, you quickly noticed that there is a complementary 2-month Spanish course before the official program start. So, your targeted program start is in September, or Day 0 in the attached scheme. This is the day when youâ??re in Madrid prepared to start studying.
Before youâ??re able to move to Madrid, you will need to apply for a student visa which takes in general 30-60 days from the moment of the application. Consequently, your student visa application should be in the Spanish Embassy in your country in July or August.
One of the requested documents from the Spanish Embassy will be a proof from IE that youâ??re officially enrolled in our institution. To issue this document and send it to your home address, we will need around 15 days from the moment of your place reservation.
Your place reservation can be done, clear it is, just only once you have been admitted and received from the Admissions Department the instructions for the down-payment of 20% of the tuition fees. As you already have decided for yourself to go to IE, waiting anxiously for the final communication of the Admissions Committee, you have already arranged the amount for the place reservation. Just to look back, from the admission to the visa application 30 days have passed, so that we are in beginning of June or July, or Day 60.90 before the targeted program start.
The Admissions Process itself will last between 30 to 45 days from the moment youâ??re presenting the full application package, independently if you do it one of IEâ??s Representative Offices around the world or directly in Madrid. So, your tentative deadline for the International MBA could be between mid-April and beginning of June.

But and THE FOLLOWING IS VERY IMPORTANT to take into account. For this tentative deadline

  • you do not need any scholarships or financial aid – deadlines for financial aid are usually earlier.
  • you assume that there are still places available â?? a case which is in the past years not easy to assume since there have been waiting lists and â??late-applicationsâ? could not be considered.
  • your nationality quota has not been reached so far â?? for some countries due to a large amount of applications we will need to restrict the access to the program to guarantee overall class diversity
  • you easily can quit your company with a very short notice

So, as a final result, you should consider to apply a couple of month earlier in order to have a comfortable timeframe to make your move to Madrid as smooth as possible for you, for your family and your company.