Copia de IE会见 008.jpg
Just look at the meeting style and room decoration…and think…
If you have ever had a chance to watch China Central Television (CCTV)’s national news program “Xin Wen Lian Bo”, don’t you think the meeting style looks soooooooooooooo familiar?! Oops, I wish William doesn’t mind my teasing 🙂
Well, this was actually a trip made by William Davila, Asian Pacific Director of IE Business School in Nov., 2006. The gentleman sitting on the right is current Mayor of the city “Zhang Jia Gang 张家港”, which is a Model City in China since mid 1990s due to its very well developed yet ecologically balanced economy, as well as the local government’s huge efforts of establishing a harmonious and open minded society. Almost all Chinese central government officials have either commented on or visited the city since its rise in mid 1990s.
Hmmm, looks like an interesting place to explore!