IE Business School offers a wide range of master programs since we are aware of the fact that people have different needs and ideas when it comes to further their professional development. Of course, in the postgraduate management education the MBA has predominance over any other master program. Nonetheless this does not mean that this should be the solution for everybody. IE launched some years ago the Master in Management programs with the aim to provide a more specialized education in certain fields. In comparison to an MBA program, the general management component is reduced from 60-70% (MBA) to 25-30%, meanwhile the specialization weighs 70-75%. Evidently, graduates from these programs gain a much deeper insight into their personal field of interest.
Currently IE offers programs in the fields of Marketing, International Management and Telecom & Digital Business (training professionals of the IT, Media and Technology field to drive the undergoing convergence process in these industries).

Today, Mavila P. Mugesh from India gives us his feedback of the program. Mavila studied Engineering and before here came to Madrid he worked for Reliance and Alcatel Lucent.

Mavila, what was your motivation to do your Master Degree at IE?
The greatest motivation apart from the world rankings was the unique course probably the only one given by any of the top business schools a Masters Degree in Telecom Management dealing with the promising future on convergence. This course works closely to the industry with industry majors like Cisco, Nokia and Accenture being international partners.
The curriculum is closely knit according with the subjects taught iMBA curriculum with exceptional and awesome professors from the academia to assist your learning.

What have been your highlights during your stay in Madrid (academically as well as extra-academically)?
Madrid has one of best night life, great city with no security hassles always pulsating with life. IE Business School is strategically well located in the heart of Madrid, which gives you ample opportunities to pursue your hobbies and life. One statuary warning â?? Knowledge of Spanish language can be an added advantage.

What have been your biggest challenges so far (during the program)?
The biggest challenge, which I feel is more like an opportunity to meet the best brains all at one place; in your classroom. You continuously strive to be better among the best. The class is so diverse that I had students from 30 different countries. To see same things from 30 different cultural perceptions makes it a truly exceptional experience. The exponential learning curve that never saturates is once in a life time opportunity one can get being at IE.

Which recommendation would you give to any Asian student coming to IE?
Be open, donâ??t have any prejudices and most important forget about sleeping. With the fun filled and extremely pressurising environment one cannot expect to sleep much. But think it this way as it prepares you for the corporate world where coping with the high pressure workplace is the mantra to succeed and IE gives you the experience to feel it and live it. Truly magnificent!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much, Mavila, for these comments and good luck for your ongoing studies!
If you wish to learn more about the Master in Telecom & Digital Business, please visit the corresponding website and a recent post with the program director about the learning experience in Second Life.