On the unveiling of there new ranking of distance learning programs, the Economist Intelligence Unit has ranked IE Business Schools programs No.2 in the world. The ranking has been developed in response to the increasing importance of distance learning programs in the management education sector. The developments in forms of delivery, teaching methodologies and overall quality of the programs has led to them becoming more popular with participants and corporate recruiters.

IE has invested heavily in the area of online education, developing a number of programs specifically designed for online delivery. These include the Global MBA program, consisting of weekly asynchronous (moderated forums) and live (utilising webcams) classes. This highly intensive program attracts participants from around the world. The program lasts 18 months and offers participants the opportunity to meet face to face on a regular basis at integration days in cities such as Shanghai, New York, and Dubai.

Manual Fernandez de Villalta, Associate Dean of online learning commented â??We have developed a format and learning methodology that is extremely close to replicating the full-time experience. Participants work in teams, crack cases and due to the intense weekly schedule will often feel they are working together with their team-mates everyday. The results have been excellent; as well as developing the traditional skills fostered on a MBA, online participants build extremely good project management and communications skill sets working in this diffused manner. We feel this is representative of the reality participants face in their working livesâ?.

The success and popularity of the online learning tools has led to them being adopted in the Full-time MBA program. Participants use many online simulations and learning tools, and also have the option of taking complete modules in this format.

If you wish to see the ranking in detail, please go to Economist Intelligence Unit.