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My silent audience:
Check this latest news from “China Economic Review” : IE in World Top Ten , in which it highlights the facts that enable Financial Times placed us No. 1 in Spain and No. 8 world wide in its 2008 MBA Rankings.
Among all of the measures that FT MBA Rankings usually use, the following two might be most instructive to all you guys, that is:
“IE Business School MBA is the program that affords the greatest rise in salary for participants three years after completion of the program. It also qualifies the program as second in the world in terms of career progression among its participants.”
For more detailed description, check IE Business School MBA, No. 1 in Spain and No. 8 worldwide in the 2008 Financial Times MBA ranking
Oh, BTW, the latest online program rankings by Economist Intelligence Unit, placed us No. 2 in the world, feel free to check “Online excellence – IE Business School ranked No.2 in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit
For other recent rankings of IE, check here