Are you aware that some of the brands you see on a daily basis are acutally of Spanish origin? Most of these brands are also connected to IE:

  • You will discuss about these brands or their owner’s company as some of the 300-500 cases you will see during your Master program at IE.
  • Some professors are working or have worked in these companies and you get first hand experiences apart from the actual case study.
  • Some companies are actively involved in IE activities such as Telefonica as co-sponsor of the Master in Telecom & Digital Business or Santander and BBVA (the two largest Spanish banks) as well as, again, Telefonica as co-sponsors of the Master in Marketing Management.

Just click the images and find out more about some of Spains most famous brands. Of course there are much more, however most of them you can see here have direct business relations with the Asia Pacific region.

SantanderBBVA TelefonicaCamperChupa Chups

Marques de CaceresReal MadridFC BarcelonaLladróTorres


Massimo DuttiZaraWomenâ??s Secret