IE Business School uses a rolling admissions process for all the Master programs it offers. Rolling admissions process means that there are no established deadlines on the application submission you have to take into account and the received applications will be processed on an ongoing basis. This is the main difference to an application process which establishes application rounds where you have to submit your application before a certain deadline. Usually business schools with system have different rounds to which you can apply.

A rolling admissions process implies that candidates wonâ??t be compared with each other inIE Application Form the different â??round-committeesâ?. IE Admissions philosophy is that it is unfeasible to compare people. Imagine 3 candidates:

(1) Peter from USA, BA in Architecture, GMAT 690, is an architect who worked in a prestigious studio before deciding for an MBA since he wants to create his own architectural studio,

(2) Andrea from Italy, BA in Economics, GMAT 710, consultant at one of the leading consulting companies and with the motivation to change into the industry,

(3) Ryosuke from Japan, IT Engineer, GMAT 680, working for mayor mobile game designer companies as project manager.

All of them are so different in their cultural, professional and personal backgrounds that it would be extremely difficult to decide who the better Master candidate is. Based on a rolling admission, each candidate has equal chances during the admissions process and will be evaluated just only on his/her capacities and capabilities. This means also that each candidate will be screened intensively and the overall screening is very rigorous in order to just only admit the most qualified candidates.

Now, having no established deadlines, you also donâ??t have any time pressure when preparing your application package. If you start with enough time, i.e., about 1 year before your intended program start, you can request your transcripts from university, select those people who write your recommendation letters and you can start thinking about how to answer the 3 essays and the other questions in the application form. In parallel, you prepare your GMAT.

Once you have your GMAT score sent to IE, and you are comfortable with your essays and the other answers given, THIS will be the right moment to submit definitely your application package to IE.

The difficult question is by WHEN you should submit your application to be considered for the intake of your choice will be answered in another post…