IE Venture Day 2007

The annual learning and networking event for Entrepreneurs run by IE Business School will be held on November 29. The IE Venture Day promotes the creation of new business and further strengthens the corporate ecosystem needed to nurture entrepreneurial management, a key part of our economy. The IE Venture Day 2007 is designed to serve as a platform for people interested or experienced in the entrepreneurship process: entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, consultants, experts and academics.

At IE we see entrepreneurship as a thought process focused on the systematic identification, evaluation and development of business opportunities. Hence, we centre on the appreciation and evaluation of opportunities, coupled with achieving the resources needed to put them into practice. This requires a specific mind-set, learning process and behaviour whereby new knowledge meets new ways of understanding and acting.

We aim to create an environment to promote entrepreneurship through four main lines of action: business start-ups, corporate entrepreneurship projects, family businesses and social entrepreneurship projects. By dividing entrepreneurial activities into these four areas we can focus on the features they all share, while examining their idiosyncrasies. Entrepreneurship consists of putting into practice a business initiative that is independent of any other existing company or entity. Corporate entrepreneurship entails launching a new business project within an existing business organisation. Corporate projects are not merely an addition to the parent companyâ??s portfolio – they comprise a completely innovative activity. Entrepreneurship in family businesses is a similar process except that there is the additional component of the family dimension. Social entrepreneurship comprises the launch of new business projects designed to generate benefits for society.

At IE the entrepreneurial vein runs deep, enabling us to shape attitudes, build skills and equip executives for an extensive career in which entrepreneurship is a predominant management paradigm.

The Venture Day is our way of making these concepts a reality by providing IEâ??s entrepreneurial community with the opportunity to enjoy a full day of discussion on a passion we all happen to share.

IE Business Plan Competition
The IE Business Plan Competition receives plans from a large number of IE Business School MBA students that compete for the unique opportunity to present their business ideas before a panel of investors as they seek the funding they need to put their idea into practice or to consolidate their company.

During the three phases that comprise the competition, the business projects will be evaluated, recommended and selected using criteria based strictly on market conditions. The judges panel will include representatives of the IE Community and Caja Madrid.

Recommendations will be made for each project at each stage of the process, thus adding to the learning experience and improving the quality and competitiveness of IE students.

The finals will take place on Venture Day, when 10 teams will present their projects to an audience of potential investors. The winning plan will receive a prize and privileged access to a wide range of professional services.