Master in FinanceThinking about working in capital markets or a career in investment banking? Do you wish to be a future as chief financial officer of a company? Do you see yourself working in the hedge fund industry? Or as an entrepreneur with a firm supported by private equity?

IE Business School continues innovating with the evolution of its Master in Finance programs. These new programs had been exclusively developed by investment bankers and corporate financiers under the leadership of Ignacio de la Torre, Executive Director (European Equities) UBS Investment Bank and Academic Director of these programs.

The Masters in Finance provides a fine-tuned financial education in an environment that encourages to extend leadership capabilities while developing specialized expertise in this discipline. Building a solid understanding of financial principles, these programs impart detailed knowledge of the operations and activities of financial markets and provide a comprehensive view of the international world economy. The experience is enhanced by additional studies and tools that assist decision making in areas directly or indirectly affected by the financial manager’s reactions. Furthermore, it equips the participants with the skills needed to undertake the functions of finance with maximum effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism, and finally to create value both in investment banking, other financial companies, the industry and greater society.

The Master in Finance is a 10-month program aimed at recent university graduates with an outstanding academic record with limited or no professional experience and who aim to pursue a career as analyst in investment banking (corporate finance, equities, fixed income derivatives, etc.), hedge funds, private equity, private banking, asset management on the finance area of a corporation, or as an entrepreneur with a finance angle. The course will cover key fields in today finance including leveraged buy-outs, derivatives, mergers and acquisitions or private equity. Further areas covered include macroeconomics, financial accounting, financial entrepreneurship, presentation skills and negotiation. In addition to finance courses, students will be required to undertake level I of the CFA Charter, a highly respected international degree within the finance sector.

The Master in Advanced Finance is a 12-month program that targets professionals with 2-5 years of experience in finance or other professional fields such as engineering, law or business administration who wish to pursue a career as associates in investment banking (corporate finance, equities, fixed income, derivatives, etc.), hedge funds, private equity, private banking, asset management or in the finance area of big corporations.

Both masters will cover up-to-the-minute fields that now play a critical role in the finance world, such as emerging markets, current global economic issues, financial entrepreneurship and how to invest in markets. The masters will also furnish you with the practical applied knowledge you will need to succeed as a financier, including presentation skills, ethical dilemmas or negotiation.

These masters employ a highly practical approach. Students will not only be asked to assimilate knowledge, but also to apply it to financial markets, demonstrating the capacity to generate profits using their skills. Day-by-day challenges of these programs may also consists in selecting investment opportunities for private equity firms, analyze these opportunities, value them, and present a finance plan to the faculty and to a real private equity investor. Additionally, the â??open sessionsâ? will bring the opportunity to meet industry experts from all the fields of finance, affording relevant contact with the business world.

As non-academic activities IE also offers a valuable and powerful tool: networking with IE’s 3,500 finance alumni through IE’s web-based finance communities, where advanced knowledge in the field of finance is shared and key financial topics are discussed. Also the Finance Club provides opportunities to further network with other master programs on campus during the Master.