If you ever wondered what people really think of their jobs, blogs can be a good way to find out. We profile ten of the best.

A couple of years ago there were stories about unfortunate workers losing their jobs shortly after discovering that freedom of the press doesnâ??t mean anything when pitted against corporate rules about blogging. Despite this, there are still people out there willing to tell the world just what lifeâ??s like in their office. Here we list some of our favourite employee blogs along with those of management experts and business schools.

1. Bizdeanstalk
Santiago Iñiguez de Ozoño, dean of IE Business School, and Paul Danos, dean of Tuck school of business â?? two of the heavy-weights in the world of business academia â?? hold forth on topics such as the investment climate and the structure of business-focused PhD programmes.

2. Guru blog
Guru, the back-page columnist in Personnel Today, shares the silliest HR stories with disciples from the sect of personnel. The magazine also runs a much more sensible career counselling blog. Both can be found at

3. Evil HR lady
Iâ??m not evil, Iâ??m just drawn that way… Evil HR lady does her entertaining best to explain why everybody at her Fortune 500 company thinks that sheâ??s a mean, unfeeling person who enjoys firing people. She also welcomes questions â?? handy if your HR person is too evil to approach.

4. Seth Godin
Some of the internet-related posts from the author, entrepreneur and self-described â??agent of changeâ? can be a little on the glib side of obvious but Godin has useful things to say about marketing

5. Clear admit
This blog, run by a business school counselling and admissions advice firm, draws together the latest news on MBAs and how to get one. Recent topics include the latest essay questions for admission to Insead and the arrival of a new dean at MIT.

6. Smallbizpod
( )
Contributors to this blog about small business and start-ups are a nice mix of journalists, experts and entrepreneurs. The professional advisers offer plenty of professional advice but itâ??s the Diary of A Young Entrepreneur that offers a behind-the-scenes view of what itâ??s really like to try turning a good idea into a business.

7. Anonymous lawyer
A humorous look at life inside a large law firm in a major city from the perspective of a hiring partner. Well, itâ??s definitely humorous but itâ??s hard to be sure if it really is an inside look, given the whole anonymity thing.

8. Management education update
This is something of an aggregation of news and research from and about business schools, meaning that itâ??s a little on the dry side, although useful.

9. Thatâ??s not a bug, itâ??s a feature
IT projects are forever going wrong. Thatâ??s why they get given nicknames like â??Project Hopelessâ? by bloggers such as Dracunculus â?? an IT contractor at, uh, Banco di Haggis.

10. Anonymous coworker
Itâ??s not all work action here, despite the title, but set this anonymous blogger loose on life in the cubicle (see, for example, â??I personally have your mother’s number on speed-dialâ?) and prepare for an entertaining tirade.

11. And our own new Snakes & Ladders blog which is a blog for people who want to get ahead at work. Our writers expose corporate madness and demystify management and remind readers that no one with access to the internet should ever be bored at work.