IE Focus NewsletterFor a couple of years already IE publishes each month the academic newsletter IE Focus with the latest articles of IE professors and associates. The topics covered reflect the variety of expertise of the IE faculty and their close links to business. It gives also a very good insight into the academic approach into our Master programs since they are far from being just pure theoretical models, but a lot of realistic up-to-date business knowledge.

In the current October issue you will learn about:

Fernando Torres and the paradox of financial econometrics – Using financial econometrics to predict the future of markets based on past performances may be very fashionable, but does it make sense?

Brazil, a reliable partner and a sound economy – The last five years have seen major advances in Brazil that have led to massive investment there by Spanish companies. Now all Spanish firms need to do is increase their exports to Brazil.

Entrepreneurialism in Spain today: quantity and quality – Slowly but surely the entrepreneurial spirit is taking root in Spain as it becomes a real professional alternative. But there is still one hurdle left, which is to improve the quality of Spainâ??s burgeoning start-ups.

Competitiveness and workers: the invisible link – Low productivity levels are the Achillesâ?? heel of the Spanish economy, the result of a paternalistic mentality that makes the Spanish business community reluctant to give more autonomy to its workers.

The competitive edge of â??speaking in proseâ? – Trying to sell a few good things the company did in the past as corporate reputation is a big mistake that could have just the opposite of the desired effect. If you wish to get this newsletter from now on monthly in your inbox, just register here.