IE Business School launched recently a new group of programs for professionals with in-deep insights into booming industries or emerging fields of management. These industries and fields are already requiring prepared professionals who can meet the challenges which arise. At the same time, IE feels that there is currently lack of management training opportunities and aims to shorten the supply and demand gap of these specialized profiles.

The IE Specialized Masters are part-time, online programs and focussed on learning to take crucial decisions within a dynamic environments and global context taking into account the specific “rules of the game” in each industry or professional field.

The program structure with 3 face-to-face periods of 1 or 2 weeks intercepted by 2 online periods of 5-6 months grants the participant flexibility to pursue a distinguished master in parallel to professional and personal commitments, without having to leave the habitual place of residence for long periods of time. The online methodology is not new to IE since weâ??re offering programs like the International Executive MBA since 2001 in the same format.

The IE Specialized Masters are designed for professionals with:
– A career focus on a specific industry or area in which they seek to deepen their knowledge and acquire specialized management tools.
– A desire to enter a new industry or area with the knowledge, skills and tools required to take full advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Currently IE Business School has launched three different programs:

Master in Biotechnology Management
The last few decades have seen extraordinary advances in the biotechnology sector. The Master in Biotechnology Management trains future leaders in this emerging industrial sector. It equips them with the knowledge, skills and tools required to meet the challenges in creating and managing firms that operate in this profoundly innovative and highly competitive environment, where the use of extremely sophisticated technology ensures constant evolution. The Master in Biotechnology Management furnishes students with an integrative vision comprising not only purely scientific, technical, financial, and administrative factors, but also a commitment to socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Master in Sports Management
Given the growing presence of the sports industry in societies and economies worldwide, training highly qualified specialists in the field of sports management is a key factor in promoting productive and social environments. From an economic perspective, the sports business moves thousands of millions of euros and involves a large number of sectors – from sports teams to communication and leisure agents – as well as operations related to sporting events. The need for managers and directors with top-level knowledge of the industry is growing by the day.
The Master in Sports Management provides the skills and knowledge you need to successfully meet the challenges facing the broad spectrum of national and international organizations in the sporting industry: teams, clubs, professional leagues, health and fitness centers; sports marketing companies in areas such as sports advertising, sponsorship and licensing, representation of athletes, managing sports facilities and events; and investors and promoters, to name just a few.

Master in Digital Advertising and Communication
This program centres on the pivotal role of the internet in developing relationships between firms and clients, providing a vision that takes you far beyond traditional interruption marketing techniques. The focus here is on the kind of approach that will dominate in terms of advertising in the future, approaches that very few professionals will be capable of adopting.
The Master in Digital Advertising and Communication is a response to the lack of professionals in the marketplace with these competencies. Moreover, the program builds a solid foundation that will enable the creation of an ecosystem within IE, a trend laboratory designed to position the school as a worldwide reference in this field.

â??We are running in the web 2.0 age trying to rethink the future of advertising. This issue is getting bigger and bigger because now we know that the future of advertising is online advertising. In no some many years most of the advertising will be online, and the offline advertising will be like a complement, like a reminder. Due to this, companies need to figure out how to engage in this step of communication, how the advertising is changing between last century and today. From my point of view, this is probably one of the biggest objective of the course, to prepare people to get into this world, to engage advertising in this kind of environment, to prepare companies to think about this and to prepare professionals to be able to move into the 2.0â??x new world and do respectful advertising.â?

Prof. Dr. Enrique Dans,
Academic Director of Master in Digital Advertising & Communication