IE Business Schoolâ??s MBA programs have been ranked 9th in the world and 4th in Europe the Economist Intelligence Unitâ??s annual ranking. The survey places IE Business School 4th worldwide in terms of its capacity to open new professional development opportunities for MBA graduates.

These opportunities stem from the extensive network of recruiters that the school works with. Next week IE will hold its seventh International Careers Fair, attended this year by 100 Spanish and international firms who will carry out corporate presentations and interview over 600 students and graduates at the IE campus. IE also offers personalised guidance to students and alumni through its Careers Management Centre.

Bill Ridgers, the editor of Which MBA?, commented: “The quality of a schoolâ??s career service is becoming much more important. In the past a high proportion of MBA graduates trod the well-worn path from business school classroom to consultancy firm. But now students’ needs are more diverse. Jobs in sectors that were barely on schools’ radar ten years ago, such as private equity or real estate, are now demanded. It is those schools that can cope with the new demands that really stand out.”

The authors of the Economist Intelligence Unit ranking questioned over 20,000 MBA students and graduates from business schools around the world in this yearâ??s survey. Parameters for the ranking included the impact their MBA program had on access to new professional opportunities, the personal development and educational experience it afforded, salary increases, and the importance of networking.

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