The IE Asian Families Club (IE AFC) celebrated its 2nd anniversary on October 5 2007 hosting twenty six Asian students from International MBA and exchange students at IE Business School at the â??Korea House restaurantâ?? in Madrid, which is very popular among the local Koreans and Spaniards in Madrid.

IE Asian Families Club

At the celebration, IE AFC welcomed many bright Asian background MBAs from all over the world; students were from Bombay, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Manila, Paris, Richmond, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo.

Following the Asian tradition, of course, the welcoming event began toasting with the Ice-chilled Korean tradition alcohol, Soju, which is made of rice, and the tables began to be filled with the popular sizzling Korean cuisines such as Bulgoki, Tukbokki, Denjanchigae, Samgyopsal, and the ever famous â??Dolsot Bibimbab,â? which is a boiled rice with assorted mixture in a hot stone bowl as the event was reaching its climax.

The IE AFC on the evening at Korea House ended in a very friendly, more like a family-like atmosphere as it was the time to head home. However, some went after hours place together to continue their conversation and some went somewhere that we shall keep â??hush-hush.â? In a romantic place like Madrid, only those seeing believe, and it was a moment for all of us that some Asians do not shy away when they are in a romantic place like Madrid.

This article was contributed by Christian OH, Korea, IMBA 2007