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Looking at many of current western media, there are more reports about China, and the topics are very much diversified with positive, negative, neutral perspectives. Citing today’s Wall Street Journal as an example, in its 32 pages of newspaper, 5 reports are about China. Well, from a personal point of view, it is always a good thing to get a third party feedback, positive or negative, to help improve and make adjustments to ongoing situations.
These 5 reports are:
1) “Bear grabs China toehold” in Section “LEADING THE NEWS“, which analyzes the deal of Wall Street titan Bear and Beijing-based Citic’s $1 billion investment in one another.
2) “Challenge for China’s Hu: Local officials” in Section “ECONOMY & PLOLITICS”, which focuses on how the newly formed central government leaders “get solutions into place across a huge and increasingly divided nation” centering on the latest meeting of The 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.
3) “News magnate baits Beijing by pairing politics and sex” in Section “NEWS INDEPTH”, which tells stories of Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong Next Media founder and the wealthiest media owner in Great China, who agitates for China democracy and media freedom in his media practice.
4) “Gateway to a China IPO” in Section “THE INTERNATIONAL INVESTOR, which explains how a once little known Chinese B-2-B website Alibaba grew up into an internet company with value of US$1.49 billion, with overtaken control of eBay and Yahoo’s Chinese operations.
5) “China becomes a beacon to the world’s in Section “MARKETPLACE”, which talks about China’s open attitude towards foreign business emigrants with a feature story of an Islamic trader doing business in Yiwu, a city 4 hours south of Shanghai.

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