Last week IE Business School hosted 40 senior directors from China. This residential program forms part of an agreement between IE and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (é?¿æ±?å??å­¦é?¢) to provide a program in China for western managers and a program in Madrid for Chinese managers.

The program in Madrid equips participants with a vision of how businesses operate in Europe and Spain through a series of classes and three on-site visits to firms. The key objective is for Chinese directors to learn how to do business with European and Spanish firms and how to compete in the free market. The program also enjoys the support of business partners like Iberia, Loewe and BBVA, whose directors will be providing Chinese program participants with an insight into their respective firms.

The Chinese directors are joined by Teng Bingsheng, Professor of Strategy from Cheung Kong Business School. Professor Teng will be giving a conference to Spanish directors interested in doing business in China, during which he will talk about the experiences of Danone and Wahaha in an address on â??how not to make enemies of your alliesâ?.

The program in Madrid is the counterpart of the one held in Beijing in March, an international program held at Cheung Kong Business School whereby some 20 European and South American directors learnt how to do business in China.

IEâ??s International Executive Programs (IEPs) are a direct result of IEâ??s commitment to global executive training. Executive Education programs at IE are the ideal way for executives and business leaders to update their skills, learn about the latest trends and practices, establish contact with experts, and share experiences with other directors.