7:30 wake up by the alarm clock of mobile phone
7:45 quick breakfast of milk and corn flakes
8:10 recheck the papers and cases required for classes
8:15 walk to Instituto de Empresa
It is good to health with a walk even Madrid has a fantastic Metro
8:45 say Hola(hello) to MBA assistant at front desk and classmates in the room
The professor is a guru at this field in Spain and Europe.
His undergraduate background is Biology!
This is not easy course for the person without IT background.
Fortunately, this guy is good at overwhelming us with hard subject in a light and all-laughing approach.
I like it.

An expert with abundant expertise in marketing.
A thorough explanation about the grading policy.
Again, participation! participation! participation!

12:30 – 13:30 Regular Workgroup meetings
8 amazing people from US, Britain, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Iran, Nicaragua, and China.
Some jokes and then decide the subgroup for the first case of Marketing.
Discussion about the exercises of costing accounting

13:30 – 14:50 COST ACCOUNTING
It is the second secession.
The professor is trying to make a boring class more interesting, and it works.
15:30 returned to the apartment and prepare the lunch. Todayâ??s menu is Chinese Spaghetti.
16:30-22:00 finish required readings and cases for tomorrow class (a few hundreds pages and 3 cases)
22:00 it is time for dinner. Let me try some Hamon (Spanish air-dried pork).
23:00 today is Thursday. Oh, see you at Bar of week(every week, choose a different bar). Drink and talk. Make the life more enjoyable, event it is tough.
3:00 back home by taxi and go to sleep immediately.
7:30 there is some noise. I guess it is wake-up alarm.

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