IE Entrepreneurs: MBA inspired jewelry

Written on October 1, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Doing an MBA at IE and living in Madrid for a year and half is a life changing experience. I have met the most amazing people and made friends all over the world. Madrid is a wonderful city to live in and has plenty to offer, which can sometimes be a challenge to staying focused on school while living there.  When it comes to MBA itself, at first I was very frustrated thinking I was not receiving the knowledge I expected, but it wasn’t until the end of the core period that I realized how much I had changed and the amount I had actually learnt.  It is so that I have gained many skills that I can now apply to my new business.

When I first joined IE, I wanted a career in investment banking or consulting, but during my stay at IE, I realized that I would be mislabelled if I joined any of these fields. I realized that I would only be happy while helping other people and that, if I wanted to help people, I needed a sustainable business model. With the help of friends and a lot of research, I concluded that handcrafted jewelry would be a good line to start with. Finally in March 2013 Fairose was born, with 5 product offerings, which we plan to expand soon. Fairose will devote 25 percent of its profits to help the community and save certain handcrafts from being extent. For the coming 2 or 3 years we will focus on producing jewelry but after we hope to start producing apparel. We also hope we can replicate our model in different countries to help as many people as we can.

By Hany Abdel Shahied (IMBA 2011), first published on the International MBA Blog.


TYBA, winner of Venture Day Madrid 2013

Written on September 24, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

BBA Students Eiso Kant and Jorge Schnura talking about their company TYBA and their IE Venture Day win. They explain how the company was created and how it feels to be the first undergraduate team from IE University to win first place at IE Venture Day.

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Celebrating Diversity: IE Global Village

Written on September 18, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

IE Business School held Global Village 2013 in June this year. Five hundred students and alumni from over 80 countries took part in the multicultural event, which served to showcase the best of their countries’ cuisine, art and traditions.

There were stands from 25 countries in this ninth edition of Global Village, providing information on tourism and cultural heritage. The event also featured gastronomic exhibitions and music and dance from the different countries, including capoeira, belly-dancing, tango, typical dances from India and Mexican rancheras.

The funds raised by the sale of tickets for the event will be used to fund the IE Social Responsibility Forum 2013, an international workshop that serves as a platform where experts from around the world examine the corporate strategy challenges in the field of social responsibility, and which is set to take place on November 22 and 23 in Madrid.

Giedre Pavalkyte, Campus Life Manager at IE Business School explained that Global Village is unique to IE Business School. “It is aimed at celebrating the cultural diversity of our students and showing the rich tapestry of countries on our campus. Global Village permits students to get to know each others’ countries by showing the best of their home countries, their traditions, their music and dance, their gastronomy and folklore, thereby enriching their academic experience.”

The Global Village event is organized by IE Business School’s Net Impact Chapter. Net Impact serves as an international platform comprised of 40,000 students and professionals in over 300 chapters around the world who use best business management practices to change the world, promoting initiatives in fields that include CSR, sustainable development, social entrepreneurship and responsible investment. IE Business School’s Net Impact Chapter has just achieved gold standing within the Net Impact network, the highest distinction awarded to the chapters that form part of the organization, for work undertaken in the 2011-2012 academic year.

“We are delighted to receive this distinction in recognition of the hard work and dedication of IE Business School’s Net Impact Chapter, as well as the commitment of the entire IE community to the idea that we can change the world through sound business management,” said Tanya Shariff, former President of IE Business School’s Net Impact chapter.


IE Edutainment: Entrepreneurs’ top tips

Written on September 13, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News, IE University

Entrepreneurs Martin Varsavsky (founder and CEO, FON) and Bernhard Niesner (co-founder and CEO, busuu.com) met with second-year BBA student Carolina, to discuss success, failure and the right time to be an entrepreneur.

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Rethink Music – Ventures for the music industry

Written on September 10, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Berklee College of Music, IE Business School, and Midem today announce the first-ever Rethink Music Venture Day, to take place in Berlin, Germany on Thursday, October 24, 2013, at the nhow Music and Lifestyle Hotel.

The event merges Rethink Music’s experience in fostering positive change for the future of the music industry and IE’s global Venture Day format to give music entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their projects to a team of experienced executives and investors.  It will also offer a variety of learning workshops and discussions for attendees on subjects such as marketing and raising funds for a music enterprise.

Entrepreneurs or companies may submit a proposal to present at Rethink Music Venture Day until September 23, 2013.  Notices will be sent to selected presenters by October 1.  Projects must be “investor ready” with a committed team and a tested business model.  Criteria for assessment will include innovation, team, growth potential, and scalability.  The winner will receive $10,000 legal services through an in-kind donation from Duane Morris, LLP, enrollment in an online certificate program from Berklee Online, a complimentary registration to Midem 2014, and access to investors and capital.

Admission to the Rethink Music Venture Day is free of charge.  Complete information on registration as well as the submission form may be found at rethink-music.com.

“Continuing the tradition of Berklee’s focus on the future via Rethink Music, we are proud to announce a call for proposals from the next generation of music entrepreneurs. The event will provide an inventive platform for launching a new music startup and we are pleased to continue to this work with Midem and IE” says Allen Bargfrede, Executive Director of Rethink Music for Berklee College of Music.

“Midem believes that entrepreneurship and business incubation has a positive impact on the music industry, for this reason we have developed several initiatives such as Midemlab, our startup competition. We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Berklee College of Music and our new partner, IE, for the first ever Rethink Music Venture Day in Berlin” comments Bruno Crolot, Director of Midem.

“With today’s new music industry business models, a Venture Day for startups in music, provides a great networking opportunity for music entrepreneurs, brands and investors,” said Paris de L’Etraz, Director of the IE Venture Lab.


Undergraduate student mobility on the rise

Written on September 7, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE University

240 university counselors in 33 countries took part in an IE University survey designed to pinpoint the interests and preferences of the upcoming generation of university students with regard to study abroad and most popular degree programs.

International mobility has risen fast among young university students worldwide in recent years. This is one of the main findings of a study carried out last month by IE University, in which 240 counselors at international schools in 33 countries around the world took part. The aim of the report was to reveal the interests and preferences of the upcoming generation of university students in aspects like study abroad and preferred degree programs. The survey was linked to the IE University Junior Advisory Board Meeting held this past week at IE’s Madrid and Segovia Campuses, in which 15 students from 13 countries, aged from 16 to 18, met to talk to IE University about how they see their future in higher education.

With regard to study abroad, 70% of participating counselors have seen an increase in international mobility among students in recent years. There are variations in this trend depending on the world region. In India, for example, some 73% of counselors believe that more than 50% of their students will go abroad to study, while in the US, 71% of counselors thought that less than 20% of their students would leave the US to study. Overall, 47% percent of counselors stated that over half of their students were now considering studying their university degree abroad, which reflects the level of globalization in the labor market, the mutual recognition of titles among countries in the European Higher Education Space, and the international redistribution of employment as a result of growing and emerging economies. “Now, more than ever before, we are seeing an interesting flow of talent among host countries,” says Antonio de Castro.  Dean of Undergraduate Studies at IE University and coordinator of the survey. “Just like in the business world, students are considering the best options to link their university studies to their career expectations.” Read more…


Making Change Happen – the core of IE’s International MBA

Written on September 5, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Making Change Happen is a one-week intensive module that forms part of the core IMBA curriculum at IE Business School. This dynamic module provides students with the unique opportunity to interact with seasoned professionals and learn firsthand about different ways to approach change management initiatives.

This year IE is proud to have collaborated with another top consulting firm, a worldwide consulting leader, to actively engage you in a “Change Challenge.” Consultant representatives assumed the role of key decision makers within an organization and presented students with a practical “real life” problem. In turn, students were expected to analyze the issue within a condensed period of time and produced a proposal that detailed not only a solution, but more importantly a methodology on how to reach that solution.

This challenging exercise was intended to push students beyond their comfort zone, as they learned how to address complex issues that arise in change management processes. The climax of the week occurred as students presented their solutions internally to a team of IE Professors whom screened for the best semi-finalists. These eight semi-finalists then presented to a former partner of the consulting firm, who hand-picked four finalist groups to present on the last day of the module, where the Consultant representatives determined the overall winning team.

First published on the International MBA Blog.


IExPEERience at IE University 2013

Written on September 3, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE University

The IExPEERience is a special event for admitted students of IE University which allows them to really understand how it feels to be a part of the IE University community. The event runs over three days and gives all attendees a chance to sample classes, workshops and debates as well as to get to know their future professors and fellow classmates.

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IE Master in Finance ranks 3rd worldwide

Written on August 30, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

IE Business School holds the No. 3 position worldwide in finance according to the 2013 Ranking of Masters in Finance published by Financial Times.

IE achieved this result in the pre-experience category with its full-time English-taught Master in Finance, aimed at young professionals with an international profile. The student body of IE’s Master in Finance comprises 88% international students from 29 countries, who will complete the program at the end of this month to start work in international companies that include JP Morgan, UBS and Mckinsey. IE’s Finance Master was the first program in Spain to be made a program partner of CFA (Chartered Financial Advisor), the leading international endorsement for financial analysts.

“This result further consolidates our Master in Finance Program as a leading international reference in the field of finance. We are proud to welcome these top-level students from around the world, taught by more than 85 professors who draw on their extensive professional experience in finance markets,” says Ignacio de la Torre, Director of Masters in Finance at IE Business School.

The Master in Finance forms part of IE Business School’s Masters in Finance portfolio, along with the School’s Master in Advanced Finance, Executive Master in Finance (Spanish) and the Global Master in Finance, a blended program with residential periods in Madrid and London. The five programs offer a selection of 200 subjects in fields like non-banking finance, Islamic finance and microfinance. Students have access to a pool of more than 60 electives in fields like raw materials, distress investments, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity. The methodology employed by IE’s Masters in Finance is eminently practical, employing management education tools like portfolio management simulation in real-time using the Bloomberg platform, Factset, or Matlab, which analyzes fixed income.

Students can round off their learning experience in New York, visiting investment banks and hedge funds, holding meetings with financial executives, and gaining a deep insight into how Wall Street works. They also get the opportunity to take part in corporate social responsibility projects such as the initiative based in Ghana run by NGO Financieros sin Fronteras, aimed at gauging the impact of microfinance institutions on the eradication of poverty. In the field of research IE Business School’s Center for Islamic Finance has ongoing agreements with institutions that include King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia.

The Financial Times ranking of Masters in Finance comprises the categories of pre-experience and post-experience programs. It is based on 18 criteria that include the percentage of students working on completion of the program, graduate salaries 3 years after graduation, the degree of internationalization of the school and its programs, the fulfillment of students’ expectations, the percentage of international faculty and students, the percentage of women faculty and students, the percentage of professors that hold doctorates, and research levels.


416 – a unique journey!

Written on August 28, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

pic2On day 1 of his International MBA, Prasad Dalvi, started writing about his life at IE and in Spain – so far, every day one post and he aims to continue until all the 416 days of his program are over… Follow his journey on his blog 416!

Luckily, he took some time to answer some questions for this blog and talks about his first couple of months in Madrid. Enjoy!

What have been the most exciting moments of the program so far?

Life here at IE has been an exciting one from day one up until now, and I can’t wait to experience all of what the coming days will offer.
The Grandeur of Opening Ceremony, where emotions, excitement and anticipation was radiating overwhelmingly all around me – the day when we all made it – to one of the finest MBA programs in the world, the day when we all met our future classmates for the first time, the day when we were introduced to the roller coaster ride that is the International MBA here at IE. Wow!! That is one day, memories of which, I will always cherish.
And then, every day of the program brought along its own excitement. To list a few: Winning the IE Net Impact Weekend – the biggest Social Entrepreneurship Venture event organized by MBA students, Meeting Miss Edurne Pasaban [the first woman to climb all Eight-thousanders], John Clendenin and many such stalwarts during the LAUNCH program, facing the raging baby-bull in CAPEA day, jumping off from a plane at 4000 meters along with my fellow classmates, tasting cuisines of different countries, dancing to the tunes of all nations at IE GLOBAL VILLAGE; the list just goes on and on .. and there is going to be more to look forward to.

How do you cope with the workload and writing your blog on a daily basis?
I have been blogging since last 4-5 years and on a variety of topics. When I came here to IE, I knew that this is “once-in-a-lifetime” kind-off experience and I wanted to cherish the everyday little moments associated with this experience. The natural choice I made to achieve this was to writing a blog – one post per day for all four hundred sixteen days that the program is for. So, this blog for me is more than a hobby, and it is this motivational attribute of the blog which has kept me going during all these days.
As for the mechanics of it, during initial days, I used to write the daily post at end of my day, just like people wrote their diaries. But, as I realized that I am going to spend more and more time of the day in School, and I may not have enough energy to go back at 3 AM and then write something, I started making use of the pre-dinner/post-dinner time, when my study or work group usually takes an extended break, for scribbling the posts.

How is your Spanish? Can you get around with only limited knowledge of the local language?
Well, I did try to learn some basic words of Spanish before arriving to Madrid, although it was not much. My experience here in Madrid is that around the School Campus, all shops have an English Menu, and most of them have at least one person speaking English.
Having said that, we don’t really need too many words in our vocabulary to survive in restaurants, shops, supermarkets and bars, etc and there is always Google Translate at our disposal. Hospitals and House-Agreements may be some places where we need to be fluent, but then there are so many friends here, who speak native Spanish, and there is IE Student Office that helps us translate official documents in English; overall, I didn’t face any real trouble for not knowing fluent Spanish.
For those, who are keen to learn Spanish anyways, IE conducts a weekly Spanish learning class, and it’s pretty good. And for those, who don’t wish to have any confusion in restaurants, while ordering their food, go check out the very basic prototype of “The Menu” APP in Google Play Store, which my Entrepreneurship Management group is currently working on.

Madrid claims to be one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. Can you confirm it?
I can confirm it 1000 percent. Madrid is a City where you can just wake up at any hour of the night and be sure that there will be at least a dozen pubs and clubs open; a city which offers food of so many different countries, a city which enjoys a long afternoon siesta, only to come alive at nights; a city where pathways lit up at night for fine outdoor dining experience; a city with museums and gardens and history, and of youth and fashion and football. And one of the best parts of being at IE is to be in a campus right in the heart of this city.

Any tips for prospective students from Asia?
Yes, a couple of them.
One – Come here for the MBA experience, the unique IE experience. Don’t come to IE hoping that it will serve as your passport to be a European Citizen; and don’t reject IE just hearing all the talks about ‘Europe-in-Crisis’. This international experience is much more than any of the above things.

Two – You will be choosing a one year MBA over two year MBAs. It does not reduce the amount of teaching that IE has to offer. Hence, come prepared to give your 200% to this program, as the program will take your 200% anyways. Having said that, come to IE not just for studying, but also to experience many unusual things, because at end of the year, we will all have learned accounting and management and stuff anyways, but we won’t remember our long study sessions, what we will remember forever is our madness.
I just quoted these lines two days back to a friend – let me throw them here as well “At IE, we go home only after closing the school building on weekdays; and closing all the bars and clubs on weekends; and all this happens only after 3 AM. Work Harder, Play Harder – is our mantra”