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University students go online

Written on July 30, 2012 by Dirk Hopfl in IE University

An online class at IE University

2012 is an era full of different open initiatives around the globe, but there is still one very important question for institutional learning: How is it possible to integrate online learning and face to face classes effectivly in a formal higher education setting?

As some of you may know, at IE University students from the bachelor degrees have large internship phases incorporated into their studyplans. All students are required to gain practical work experience with internships all around the globe (UK, USA, India, Germany, among many other countries) and at the same time theoretical and practical online classes. The study programs include both on-site and online sessions in a dynamic combination, unparalleled in any other school.

Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their professional fields right from the start of the program. This exercise in experiential learning allows partipcants the chance to engage directly with real-world professionals from the first year of the program.

As one of the professors mentioned: “This is a great opportunity for students to study and gain work experience at the same time. Personally I enjoy teaching online.”

Students enjoy their first online experience, “because it is an innovative way of colaborating instantly. This fosters a participatory culture and a lot of our future capacities.” – Welcome to the IE online experience.

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Do you need solid knowledge of Finance?

Written on June 17, 2011 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Here is the dilemma: you need more acumen of Finance but either your family or your professional environment does not allow you to step out for one year to gain that knowledge. Sounds familiar?

Now. Here is the solution: IE launches this fall the Global Master in Finance, a 14 month blended Master Degree 100% dedicated to Finance. Based on the successful Finance full-time programs with a strong focus to the market and not the engineering side of Finance, this program uses Forum discussion and Videoconferences to discuss cases covering all areas of this important industry.

The learning methodolgy (blended learning) which combines online as well as face-to-face sessions has been used by IE Business School for almost 10 years in its blended MBA programs. Working in teams throughout the program keeps you committed and motivated – apart from getting engaged in discussions with people from all regions of the world sharing their experience in their particular Finance world.

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Get in-depth Finance knowledge from your desk!

Written on April 16, 2011 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Did you follow with envy those forums where students talked about their experience at the IE Global MBA? Their high learning outcome, the value of their networking and their skills building in working in global virtual teams? However, as you are interested merely in Finance, a MBA program does not really fit into your career planning – at least not at this stage.

So, here is the good news: IE is launching the Global Master in Finance with the acclaimed learning environment of its Global MBA. The Global Master in Finance provides participants with in-depth knowledge of finance functions including: corporate finance, investments, derivatives, financial accounting analysis, economics for markets, private equity, and financial entrepreneurship. The program is enhanced by additional studies and tools that assist decision making in areas affected by the financial manager’s actions.

This program is intended for professionals who usually, but not exclusively, work in the world of finance, and who are unable or unwilling to leave their current employment while obtaining the skills needed to allow their career to prosper. The expected work experience is 1-7 years after graduation from university. Over 14 month, beginning in October, you will discuss case studies through the online forum discussions as well as the Saturday videoconference at 1pm (Madrid time) – still a reasonable timing for most of Asia-Pacific in the evening.

If you are curious, set your agenda for the evening of April 27 (12.00 noon, Madrid time, GMT+2), where you can learn more about the approach we are using in our Masters in Finance program. To register just use this link - and enjoy the new exciting new opportunity to continue your studies without leaving your job and residence.


IE Global MBA – introducing even more flexibility

Written on August 6, 2010 by Dirk Hopfl in Explore IE, Go for IE

The continued demand of online education, makes IE launching a second intake in March 2011 of its renowned Global MBA.

Since already 4 years, the IE Global MBA provides candidates with an extraordinary flexbility when studying their MBA program. They can continue progressing within their corporations meanwhile they connect on a daily basis to the online campus, exchanging experiences and discussing cases in teams like in the full-time MBA class.

Every Saturday they enjoy the class setting through videoconferences where teams have to present their conclusions on a given case discussing it with the entire class moderated by the professor. If you’re working in an international oriented company, videoconferences are most likely to be happening at some stage of your career development and during the program you learn the tools to efficiently conduct those conferences.

Due to the increasing demand of the Global MBA and a more diversified outreach, IE introduced last year a second time slot for the Saturday Videoconferences. Now, those sessions can be followed from 11am to 3pm and from 4pm to 8pm (Madrid time). The second time slot boosted the diversity in class and the program counts now with 43 different nationalities within a class size of about 70.

… and there is another good news: in addition to the September intake , IE launches a second intake, starting in March 2011. The official program start is set for March 19, 2011 and the first residential week starts on March 28, 2011. This first residential weeks helps to know the other team and classmates as well as the professors. The second residential week at the end of the program is rounding up the whole online experience with the graduation together with the full-time MBA. Being awarded the same degree, it makes sense that both classes graduate together!

The next virtual presentation will be on September 8 at 1pm Madrid time (7pm Singapore time). You can sign up for on our event page and explore in the meanwhile the IE Global MBA web.

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