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The Cook

Written on June 17, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

One of my all-time favorite films is The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover by Peter Greenaway. It’s a great story and the cinematography is excellent. I would’ve loved to have been able to render my own small homage to this film, but unfortunately there are no thieves I can think of around here to work into the script. The cook only won´t do!!!

Joking aside, I’m delighted to say that what I do have is an excellent cook, namely Leadership Professor Balvinder Powar. He is not only capable of masterfully mixing ingredients to create a delicious dish out of almost nothing, but also of using cooking as a metaphor to talk about leadership, Gandhi and life in general.

I enjoyed listening to Prof. Powar as much as I enjoyed tasting the dish he prepared during the shoot. I just love Indian food…

P.S. If you get the chance, try the Indian food at Tandoori Station, where we shot this video. You’ll like it, believe me.

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First published on The Other Side | By Felix Validvieso


A flair of Spain: Indian Leaders Program

Written on June 4, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

20130604-073951.jpgDuring a period of 1 week, several top journalists from major Indian media vehicles made several stops at major Spanish organizations, including: IE Business School; Indian Embassy to Spain; the Zarzuela Palace for a private audience with HRH Prince Felipe; Spanish Minister of State for External Affairs; Real Madrid FC; as well as top companies such as Indra, Renfe, Santander Bank, and Caixabank. The Indian Leaders Programme is a Spanish government initiative which aims to share the best of Spain with thought leaders from India, and this year’s focus was on bring top media people to Spain to learn about leading institutions in Madrid and Barcelona.

During the week, IE Business School participated in the private Audience with HRH, and a delegation of staff, students and alumni attended the reception at the official residence of the Indian Ambassador in Madrid. During the events at IE, and in addition to presentations from Dean Iñiguez and IE’s regional director for Asia Pacific, Mr. Joël McConnell, the attending media people heard from Kiron Ravindran (previously chosen as FT Professor of the Week) and most importantly, from 2 IMBA graduates and the IE India Club President.

Media represented in the Indian Leaders Program included: Times of India, Tehelka, NDTV, The Hindu, Outlook India, India Today Group, and Financial Express.


Leadership and Tango

Written on April 18, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

In this video IE Business School leadership professor Margarita Mayo uses tango dancing as a metaphor to speak about leadership. She draws an interesting comparison between the two from the perspective of the dancer’s role in tango.

The origin of the word tango has always intrigued me. There are many theories about its roots. One is that it is actually an onomatopoeic term because the word tango sounds like the drums used in early forms of the dance. Opposers of this theory say that the drum was never a typical tango instrument. The first tango instruments were the violin, guitar, flute, and later a concertina-style instrument called the bandoneon.

Another theory is that the word tango originated from the Italian word tangere, which means ‘to touch’. However, considering that early tango did not feature the close embrace it is known for today, the word tangere is hardly likely to be the origin.

Some say that the most plausible theory is that which claims the word tango has African roots. In several African languages, tango means indoors – the closed space which was used for dancing… Well, who knows. The fact is that tango has become a dance form that is admired the world over.

Maybe we can’t be certain about the origin of the word tango, but one thing is for sure and that is that the world needs meaningful leadership. Listen to what Prof. Mayo has to say about both. You might end up wanting to dance with her just like Prof. Burak Konyuncu from Rouen Business School did.

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First published on The Other Side, the IE Blog about the other side of IE faculty


The flow of management

Written on April 4, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

There are certain people you meet in life that make you feel you could tell them anything. I call them “Divan People” because it’s as if there were an irresistible force pulling you towards them and causing you to talk as freely as if you were on a psychologist’s Couch. This is the case of Juan Humberto Young ElserIE Business School Prof. of Positive Leadership & Strategy. When he looks at you, he looks deep into your heart. I know it isn’t possible for him to look at you right this minute, but if you listen to what he has to say you will probably see what I mean.

Prof. Humberto Young Elser graduated from Harvard, spent years at UBS, and now runs his own investment consulting firm. He does kick-boxing, yoga, and aikido. Everything he does seems to flow in the same direction, and he explains how important this flow concept is not only for aikido, but also for management.

One of the secrets of his success appears to be that he never stops learning (he is currently taking a course on mindfulness based cognitive therapy at Oxford University. When I said that I thought it was too late for me to start with Aikido he said “You really think so? I started with Aikido when I was 54. It’s not as late as you think…”.

Enjoy the flow!!!

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First published on The Other Side, the blog about the other side of IE faculty.


New Solutions for Global Crisis

Written on December 14, 2012 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Prof Dr. Martin Boehm at the World Knowledge Forum 2012, Seoul

The Great Breakthrough: New Solutions for Global Crisis was the theme of the 2012 of the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea. 4 IE Faculty members lend their expertise and insights in understanding the unprecedented challenges that leaders will have to confront in the 21st century.

Organized around the theme of Creative Leadership, IE presented a series of lectures of significant value to executives and leaders of global firms. The underlining questions were:  How should corporate management look like in 2013? How should we utilize the opportunities and where should we find the engine for the new growth? What could be the pre-requisite for creative leadership, and what kind of strategies and imaginations do we need?

The Dean Prof Dr. Santiago Iñiguez participated in the session “Global CEO Roundtable” and spoke on the changes occurring in business school education and the training of executives in the face of tumultuous global trends.

The IE Breakout sessions were sought after as the topics appealed to the audience and revealed important drivers for their businesses:

Professor Steven D’Souza highlighted in his lecture Beyond Human Capital- Leadership and Social Capital the power of building social capital and harnessing the power of our social networks. Using research and several cases from the field, we shared counter-intuitive insights for leveraging relationship building techniques for professional success.

During his lecture on Leading in times of uncertainty, Professor Paris de L’Etraz highlighted some of the key concepts of developing managers and professionals who are better prepared to excel and lead under conditions of uncertainty and change. His lecture demonstrates that analytics are helpful but not always the best tools for leadership during times of rapid disturbance and disruptions in the market.

Finally, Professor Martin Boehm shared his understanding of the strategic role that brands play in driving business growth and profitability in his session on Building Successful Brands. Using research and cases, he showed why brand management from the lowest levels of the organization can ultimately build a brand that’s worth its reputation.


Reaching out to the top: QS Global 200

Written on December 12, 2012 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

IE Business School ranks top 10 worldwide in all categories of this year QS Global 200 Business Schools Report.

This report focuses merely on the employability of MBA graduates by region and specialization asking more than 3,300 MBA recruiters. Focusing solely on employers’ views provide a reliable insight as to which business schools produce MBA graduates and alumni that are favored by recruiters. This is derived from employers’ votes as to which schools they prefer to recruit MBA graduates.

IE Business School was considered on the no. 4 spot in Europe, stepping up one position from last year, and in all categories IE was placed within the top 10:

Corporate Social Responsibility 5 (11 in 2011)
Entrepreneurship 4 (5)
Finance 8 (8)
Information Management 6 (6)
Innovation 7 (7)
International Management 6 (7)
Leadership 7 (10)
Marketing 6 (15)
Operations 6 (6)
Strategy 7 (9)


How to handle Gen-Y employees: IE HR conference in India

Written on December 10, 2012 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Ms. Kalpana Jaishankar, Sr. VP & Global HR Head, Mastek Ltd

How to handle Gen-Y employees, Leadership Development and Reverse Mentorship have been the hot topics on the first HR Conference organized by IE Business School in coordination with  HRIA (Human Resource Infotech Association) –  a body with HR representatives of IT and ITeS companies across India.

Mr. Rajeev Kumar – Global HR Head – TCS Financial Solutions and Ms. Kalpana Jaishankar – Sr. VP & Global HR Head – Mastek Ltd were invited as keynote speakers addressing the most relevant challenges of HR managers in India. The event was attended by HR representatives of over 40 companies based in Mumbai but having presence all over India.

The corporate sector enjoyed the event and the during the networking dinner following the event the discussion continued.

During the event Joël McConnell, IE’s Director of International Development for the Asia Pacific Region, also spoke to the more than 100 HR managers about the different degree programs and formats available for their most high potential staff members; and how IE’s Career Services teams in both Mumbai and Madrid can help top Indian companies hire IE graduates.


About Helicopters and CEO’s

Written on November 5, 2012 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Hungarians are the only ones capable of entering a revolving door last and coming out first, the great Billy Wilder once said. Well, it’s not that Hungarian Prof. Monika Hamori plays tricks on you in an attempt to come first, it’s just that it’s inevitable. Once you begin to talk with Prof. Hamori, she will be so full of knowledge and because of that, the only option is to let her go first, if you see what I mean.

When I first spoke with the pilot of the helicopter, I sensed that he was a bit skeptical about who this Professor was and what he business was being in and talking around in his helicopter. But, you guessed it, in the end, it turned out that he and Monika ended up getting along just fine. In fact, they ended up firing questions at each other to resolve issues facing CEOs. Have a look.

She teaches human resources but also has a master’s in Hungarian literature and linguistics. “Few academics combine Hamori’s appetite for “proper” research with such interesting, behaviour-changing conclusions, says Thinker50. And she is among the world’s 40 best business school professors under the age of 40, adds Poets & Quants.

YouTube Preview Image

Lessons on Leadership: experiences from the IE Alumni Forum 2012

Written on October 18, 2012 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Author, Virgil Esguerra, is a board member of the IE Finance Club and an International MBA student (Nov-2011)

Trichet of ECB, Suttle of IIF, Aziz of Pakistan – these names are like near-deities in the pantheon of international finance gods and the IE community was fortunate enough to welcome these guests during the IE Alumni Forum, held on 13-15 September 2012. The IE Alumni Forum is an annual gathering of the IE community where alumni, students, professors and boards get together to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.

Day Two was inaugurated by His Royal Highness Prince Felipe of Spain. Other high profile guests that day were invited to share their perspectives on key global political and economic challenges. Former European Central Bank Governor Jean-Claude Trichet for example shared his view on Europe’s economic outlook and how to improve Eurozone governance.

Perspectives on global challenges at times verged on the technical and esoteric level, but beyond the talk about liquidity injections and bank capitalization, the underlying theme was one that was clear and familiar to us all in the IE community: teamwork and leadership.

Self-determination versus collective sacrifices, harmonization versus fragmentation – these gradients are as relevant in a team context as they are in intergovernmental organizations like the EU. In any group effort, individuals – through an implicit social compact – give up some “sovereignty” over their personal time for the collective good. For students and alumni, the IE experience is characterized by intense group work such as those in our academic sections. Even students who have ever planned leisure or extracurricular activities – like section parties as well as the Football Club tourney, Oktoberfest weekend trip, Social Responsibility Forum, Asia Finance Trek and the Graduation Ball – become mini-decision making bodies. Read more…


Global Engineering Leadership as a tool for success

Written on October 12, 2012 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

A critical issue for technology firms is the competitiveness of their talented technical staff and leading innovators. As high performers are promoted within engineering and technical marketing roles, many require rounding out of their skill sets to function as both engineers and leaders.
The symptoms of “engineering without leadership” include organizational indecision about new products and services; disagreements between product management and engineering; delayed and halted projects; reduced R&D productivity; poor technology strategies, team morale and retention issues; and overall poor competitive performance.
Moreover, the role of engineering has changed over the past 20 years. Engineers and scientists are now more centrally involved in every aspect of innovation and operations. Technical decisions are now also business decisions.

IE Business School, U.C. Berkeley and HKUST invite you to a presentation to learn more about the principles of engineering leadership and how they can be leveraged within your business. This masterclass at the same introduces the Global Engineering Leadership Program jointly launched by this 3 institutions:

October 14, 2012 (Sunday)
17:00 – 18.30
Gallery Hotel, 1 Nanson Road @ Robertson Quay, Singapore

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