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IE through the eyes of a Chinese student

Written on May 19, 2014 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Interview between two Chinese students of IE, Shanshan, who studies the Master in Corporate Communication at IE School of Communication and Cindy, who studies the International MBA at IE Business School. Listen to what they have to say about studying at IE and living in Madrid.

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Share Anna’s and Lisa’s excitement about the IE MBA

Written on January 15, 2014 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

WATCH the engaging comments from Anna and Lisa as they talk about their motivations, experiences and professional goals.

WONDER how much the IE MBA can do for you!

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IE Entrepreneurs: MBA inspired jewelry

Written on October 1, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Doing an MBA at IE and living in Madrid for a year and half is a life changing experience. I have met the most amazing people and made friends all over the world. Madrid is a wonderful city to live in and has plenty to offer, which can sometimes be a challenge to staying focused on school while living there.  When it comes to MBA itself, at first I was very frustrated thinking I was not receiving the knowledge I expected, but it wasn’t until the end of the core period that I realized how much I had changed and the amount I had actually learnt.  It is so that I have gained many skills that I can now apply to my new business.

When I first joined IE, I wanted a career in investment banking or consulting, but during my stay at IE, I realized that I would be mislabelled if I joined any of these fields. I realized that I would only be happy while helping other people and that, if I wanted to help people, I needed a sustainable business model. With the help of friends and a lot of research, I concluded that handcrafted jewelry would be a good line to start with. Finally in March 2013 Fairose was born, with 5 product offerings, which we plan to expand soon. Fairose will devote 25 percent of its profits to help the community and save certain handcrafts from being extent. For the coming 2 or 3 years we will focus on producing jewelry but after we hope to start producing apparel. We also hope we can replicate our model in different countries to help as many people as we can.

By Hany Abdel Shahied (IMBA 2011), first published on the International MBA Blog.


IE Edutainment: Entrepreneurs’ top tips

Written on September 13, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News, IE University

Entrepreneurs Martin Varsavsky (founder and CEO, FON) and Bernhard Niesner (co-founder and CEO, met with second-year BBA student Carolina, to discuss success, failure and the right time to be an entrepreneur.

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Making Change Happen – the core of IE’s International MBA

Written on September 5, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Making Change Happen is a one-week intensive module that forms part of the core IMBA curriculum at IE Business School. This dynamic module provides students with the unique opportunity to interact with seasoned professionals and learn firsthand about different ways to approach change management initiatives.

This year IE is proud to have collaborated with another top consulting firm, a worldwide consulting leader, to actively engage you in a “Change Challenge.” Consultant representatives assumed the role of key decision makers within an organization and presented students with a practical “real life” problem. In turn, students were expected to analyze the issue within a condensed period of time and produced a proposal that detailed not only a solution, but more importantly a methodology on how to reach that solution.

This challenging exercise was intended to push students beyond their comfort zone, as they learned how to address complex issues that arise in change management processes. The climax of the week occurred as students presented their solutions internally to a team of IE Professors whom screened for the best semi-finalists. These eight semi-finalists then presented to a former partner of the consulting firm, who hand-picked four finalist groups to present on the last day of the module, where the Consultant representatives determined the overall winning team.

First published on the International MBA Blog.


416 – a unique journey!

Written on August 28, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

pic2On day 1 of his International MBA, Prasad Dalvi, started writing about his life at IE and in Spain – so far, every day one post and he aims to continue until all the 416 days of his program are over… Follow his journey on his blog 416!

Luckily, he took some time to answer some questions for this blog and talks about his first couple of months in Madrid. Enjoy!

What have been the most exciting moments of the program so far?

Life here at IE has been an exciting one from day one up until now, and I can’t wait to experience all of what the coming days will offer.
The Grandeur of Opening Ceremony, where emotions, excitement and anticipation was radiating overwhelmingly all around me – the day when we all made it – to one of the finest MBA programs in the world, the day when we all met our future classmates for the first time, the day when we were introduced to the roller coaster ride that is the International MBA here at IE. Wow!! That is one day, memories of which, I will always cherish.
And then, every day of the program brought along its own excitement. To list a few: Winning the IE Net Impact Weekend – the biggest Social Entrepreneurship Venture event organized by MBA students, Meeting Miss Edurne Pasaban [the first woman to climb all Eight-thousanders], John Clendenin and many such stalwarts during the LAUNCH program, facing the raging baby-bull in CAPEA day, jumping off from a plane at 4000 meters along with my fellow classmates, tasting cuisines of different countries, dancing to the tunes of all nations at IE GLOBAL VILLAGE; the list just goes on and on .. and there is going to be more to look forward to.

How do you cope with the workload and writing your blog on a daily basis?
I have been blogging since last 4-5 years and on a variety of topics. When I came here to IE, I knew that this is “once-in-a-lifetime” kind-off experience and I wanted to cherish the everyday little moments associated with this experience. The natural choice I made to achieve this was to writing a blog – one post per day for all four hundred sixteen days that the program is for. So, this blog for me is more than a hobby, and it is this motivational attribute of the blog which has kept me going during all these days.
As for the mechanics of it, during initial days, I used to write the daily post at end of my day, just like people wrote their diaries. But, as I realized that I am going to spend more and more time of the day in School, and I may not have enough energy to go back at 3 AM and then write something, I started making use of the pre-dinner/post-dinner time, when my study or work group usually takes an extended break, for scribbling the posts.

How is your Spanish? Can you get around with only limited knowledge of the local language?
Well, I did try to learn some basic words of Spanish before arriving to Madrid, although it was not much. My experience here in Madrid is that around the School Campus, all shops have an English Menu, and most of them have at least one person speaking English.
Having said that, we don’t really need too many words in our vocabulary to survive in restaurants, shops, supermarkets and bars, etc and there is always Google Translate at our disposal. Hospitals and House-Agreements may be some places where we need to be fluent, but then there are so many friends here, who speak native Spanish, and there is IE Student Office that helps us translate official documents in English; overall, I didn’t face any real trouble for not knowing fluent Spanish.
For those, who are keen to learn Spanish anyways, IE conducts a weekly Spanish learning class, and it’s pretty good. And for those, who don’t wish to have any confusion in restaurants, while ordering their food, go check out the very basic prototype of “The Menu” APP in Google Play Store, which my Entrepreneurship Management group is currently working on.

Madrid claims to be one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. Can you confirm it?
I can confirm it 1000 percent. Madrid is a City where you can just wake up at any hour of the night and be sure that there will be at least a dozen pubs and clubs open; a city which offers food of so many different countries, a city which enjoys a long afternoon siesta, only to come alive at nights; a city where pathways lit up at night for fine outdoor dining experience; a city with museums and gardens and history, and of youth and fashion and football. And one of the best parts of being at IE is to be in a campus right in the heart of this city.

Any tips for prospective students from Asia?
Yes, a couple of them.
One – Come here for the MBA experience, the unique IE experience. Don’t come to IE hoping that it will serve as your passport to be a European Citizen; and don’t reject IE just hearing all the talks about ‘Europe-in-Crisis’. This international experience is much more than any of the above things.

Two – You will be choosing a one year MBA over two year MBAs. It does not reduce the amount of teaching that IE has to offer. Hence, come prepared to give your 200% to this program, as the program will take your 200% anyways. Having said that, come to IE not just for studying, but also to experience many unusual things, because at end of the year, we will all have learned accounting and management and stuff anyways, but we won’t remember our long study sessions, what we will remember forever is our madness.
I just quoted these lines two days back to a friend – let me throw them here as well “At IE, we go home only after closing the school building on weekdays; and closing all the bars and clubs on weekends; and all this happens only after 3 AM. Work Harder, Play Harder – is our mantra”


The MBA is about inspiration and electricity!

Written on June 29, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Germano Air ChinaSome of IE Business School’s most outstanding alumni are working in Asia, and this week Joël McConnell, IE’s Director of International Development for Asia Pacific, caught up with Germano Rollero: an International MBA graduate based in Beijing who is currently working for one of China’s major civilian aviation companies.

JM: What brought you to China, and what are you doing professionally right now?
GR: I came to China because I’ve always been fascinated by this country, so much so in fact that I chose Chinese as my Major subject during my undergraduate degree. Not surprisingly the majority (I’d say about 90%) of my professional career has taken place here in China.
Currently I’m part of the Global Corporate Accounts team at Air China International, the most important Chinese carrier. Air China is a state-owned enterprise and it has been one of the most profitable airlines in the world for each of the last 5 years. Consequently, the company is ambitiously growing beyond China’s borders. It’s very interesting being part of a company that is growing globally so quickly, it almost feels like I’m a pioneer, or better said: part of a team of entrepreneurs at a start up that has 25.000 employees.
In my everyday work I supervise the efforts of our offices around the world, with the objective of improving our service and growing our revenues from primarily global Fortune 500 corporate clients. I do also business development globally to find new corporate clients, signing global deals with them. Our team is at the forefront in making Air China a more global airline.

JM: How did your MBA experience at IE Business School help you get to where you are today?
GR: The MBA helped me because it made more confident and outspoken. I am not a finance major, I was not working in investment banking or in strategy consulting before the MBA, but some of my classmates covered these topics. At the beginning, I was kind of more reserved when expressing my own views about the cases discussed in class and our work groups because my classmates had more knowledge about these subjects. After some time though I realized that my fresh take and views on the cases were adding a lot of values to the discussions, actually many times much more value than the views of my more experienced peers. I gained more self-confidence and I became more capable of establishing a vision and of instilling enthusiasm in others.
My MBA experience helped me at Air China, in fact in addition to my day-to-day job I am asked to attend many other project team meetings related to the future of the company, because of my ability to express new ideas and points of view about complicated problems and unclear situations.

JM: What do you remember most fondly about living in Madrid?
GR: Without a doubt the friends I made at IE. It was great to be surrounded by so many wonderful people full of enthusiasm and creativity. You feel so much inspiration and electricity on campus, and Madrid helps you to bond with them, given the many opportunities to network and have fun in the city. Furthermore, after the MBA you become even closer with all your peers. Even though they’re scattered around the world, you know you can count on them should you need to ask them for help.

JM: Any tips on applying to the program, especially with regards to the admissions application?
GR: Focus on your dreams and on what you want to achieve after the MBA, and you will find the enthusiasm and the motivation to go through all the steps of the application. It’s tough, but the MBA experience at IE is worth it!

JM: Where do you see yourself in 2 years?
GR: I see myself in an overseas assignment with Air China, leading globalization efforts in foreign markets to help Air China to become one of the best airlines worldwide.


IE and MIT expand partnership in Malaysia

Written on June 6, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation - MIT Global SCALE Network Center in Asia - Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain InnovationIE Business School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been collaborating in both the US and Spain for some time now, primarily through the offering of a Dual Degree option for the International MBA, our 1-year full time MBA program.  Until now, graduates of the Dual Degree could go on to complete a Master of Engineering in Logistics in Boston or the Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Zaragoza.  Now however our International MBA students have a third option: a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management at MIT’s facilities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These Dual Degree options form part of the MIT Global Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence (SCALE) Network; an international alliance of leading-edge research and education centers, dedicated to the development and dissemination of global innovation in supply chain and logistics.

The Dual Degree option allows students to take the core courses of the International MBA (starting in the November intake) and instead of going through the elective part, students will already join the one year MSc in Supply Chain Management, either in Spain, US or Malaysia. More information on this and other Dual Degree option of the International MBA click here.


Choosing the right MBA School…

Written on February 25, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Deep Mehta

My name is Deep Mehta and I am a current student of the International MBA (November 2012 intake) at IE. As some of you must have guessed, I am an Indian and an engineer (that’s almost obvious) by qualification; but a polymer engineer (we are a rare species) and not an IT guy. Post that I have also done a short course from India’s premier institute Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and a diploma in Marketing Management. After graduation I worked for a Dutch Multinational as Business Development Executive (for engineering plastics) for around 3 years. However, at the back of my head I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and be my own boss. After a lot of introspection and networking trying to find out what my true calling is, I quit my job in March 2012 to co-found Bombay Clothing Company. Bombay Clothing Company is a clothing company which has its own brand name TYGR ( and also caters to corporate orders.

Choosing the right MBA program which caters to one’s specific career needs can be one of the most difficult tasks – I know it was for me. I remember spending hours researching, reading and talking to alumni from various schools to find out which school fits my needs.

When choosing a school my top three priorities were –

a)      Focus on Entrepreneurship – I fell in love with IE the moment I read “a school built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”. Coming from an entrepreneurial background and always wanting to build my own company, I wanted to go to a school that would help me do just that. The courses, the venture lab (an accelerator/incubator), and the venture network (every Thursday 7pm there are three or more start-up who pitch to Venture Capitalists on campus) are amongst the things that attracted me to the school.

b)      Diversity – IE’s focus on diversity is one of the best facets of the IMBA program. In the November 2012 intake we have 68 nationalities – it’s a little odd when you meet someone and don’t know where that country is or you don’t know anything beyond “oh ya I have heard of it”. IT ADDS MANIFOLDS TO THE LEARNING. Also, IE during its launch program and the study groups ensures that you don’t have more than one person from one nationality in one study group. This means that you learn from people from different educational backgrounds, work experiences and cultures.

c)      Course Flexibility – For me it’s amazing to see how IE has miraculously fitted in a whole bunch of options in its 13 months program. In term 4 and 5 I could either do a long exchange at one of the most revered universities in the world, I could put my project into the Venture Lab and get a dedicated mentor for 4 months while taking some elective subjects, or I could choose from a whole bunch of electives and tailor everything to my requirements, which is especially interesting for people looking for a career change, or I could do an internship among other options. The things to do are numerous but everything depends on what YOUR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS ARE.

The above mentioned points were my top 3 reasons for selecting IE as my school. However, I forgot to mention that “it has been RANKED EUROPES #1 BUSINESS SCHOOL” and “RANKED #11 for its MBA PROGRAM in the world by the Financial Times in 2013”…

This post was first published on the International MBA Blog.


The alternative to a 2-year MBA

Written on January 16, 2013 by Dirk Hopfl in IE News

Are you considering accelerating your career in capital markets or investment banking, or switching from other professional fields to finance? Do you see yourself as the future CFO – Chief Financial Officer – of a company? Are you interested in working as an entrepreneur with a firm supported by private equity, perhaps leveraging opportunities provided by microfinance? However, you are still thinking if you should do an MBA or a specialized master in finance program…  So, watch Chris (New Zealand) when he talks about why he chose to study both the International MBA and the Master in Advanced Finance, and the benefits he believes students with Dual Degrees have when rejoining the workforce.

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To learn more about exciting career opportunities for Dual Degree students, join the virtual session today with Ignacio de la Torre, Academic Director of the Master in Finance Programs, and Belén de Fontcuberta, Associate Director of Careers Management Center.

Virtual Session – Career Opportunities for Dual Degree students

Wednesday, January 16 at 5pm Madrid time (GMT +1)

Register online


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