The IE International Executive MBA includes two new academic partners and offers now 3 1-week residential periods in the US (Brown University), Brazil (Insper)  and China (Fudan University).

In keeping with IE Business School’s commitment to educating globally-oriented, entrepreneurial leaders, we have forged ties with leading academic institutions in the United States and Brazil. Our US partner is Brown University, a leading research university based in Providence, Rhode Island that forms part of the prestigious Ivy League and that is known around the world for its leadership in the liberal arts. Our Brazilian partner is Insper, an innovative, market-oriented management school in Sao Paulo that is led, just like IE, by a group of entrepreneurs.

New face-to-face periods at Brown and Insper will enrich our students’ educational experience and, in combination with our continuing partnership with Fudan University in Shanghai, provide students with a truly global vision of business. To reflect this important change, the program will from now on be known as the Global Executive MBA.

 The innovative program structure allows to get views from 3 different angels:

  • At Brown University students are looking Beyond Business considering aspects like Psychology, Political Economy, Art, Humanities with the aim to more effective global leaders through a greater awareness of the world around them.
  • At Fudan University the Asian perspective of global business will be considered understanding how business is evolving in Asia and how to be a part of it.
  • At Insper the perspective is on emerging markets with the emphasis on the twin challenges of sustainable development and overcoming social inequality.

2 thoughts on “IE International Executive MBA is going GLOBAL

  1. Juan

    This that means that the International Executive MBA (from now on Global Executive MBA) that starts in beggining of November 2011 will have 3 1-week international residential periods or you will offer the possibility to choose where to spend the 1-week residential period? And are that 1-week residential periods include in the course fees? and finally, is the 2011 November IEMBA class going to be named GEMBA?

  2. Dirk Hopfl

    Dear Juan, thank you very much for your comment. The residential periods are mandatory part of the program and included in the tuition fees. I hope this clarifies your dobut. Best regards, Dirk Hopfl

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