Even though most of the Master programs at IE Business School are taught in English, being based in Madrid, Spain’s vibrant capital, knowing Spanish is a big advantage. Not just only to get even more immersed into the local culture but also because:

  • more than 500 million people speak Spanish around the planet
  • Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world and the second most international after English
  • Spanish is the thirds most used language in Internet, after English and Chinese
  • Spanish is the official language in 22 countries and in the UN as well as the European Union
  • Spanish has become the second language in the USA and this country is already the fifth largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

So, it’s not just only to have more fun during your time in Madrid but also it can be a major asset in your resume knowing Spanish and a value added in your professional life.

In this post we would like to introduce you to 4 different options to learn Spanish. Of course, there might be much more options and by no means this pretends to be an exclusive list, since personal perceptions might differ.

spanish-pod.jpgspanishpod.com is a free online provider where you can download podcasts for different levels and you just need to sign up in order to get regularly updates.

laslilasschool.jpgLas Lilas School is a Spanish exclusive language school run be Spanish people who decided to move to Singapore. Teachers are all natives and courses are offered on different levels.

instituto-espanol.jpgInstituto Español is a private language school with a lot of Spanish oriented cultural offerings in Bangkok. You should try out the typical Spanish food in their cafeteria.

ic.jpgThe Instituto Cervantes is the official Spanish language school with a mayor facility in Manila for South East Asia. They have also some smaller activities running in KL, Jakarta and Hanoi. Other IC Centres you can find in Beijing, Shanghai, New Delhi and Tokyo.

One thought on “¿Hablas español? – Do you speak Spanish?

  1. Hi – I’m one of the team that runs SpanishPod, and I wanted to say thanks for the the mention. We publish a new lesson everyday, and make them all in house, so if you or your readers have any special requests or business topics feel free to send us an email.


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