Today Finanical Time realeased a new ranking of global MBA. There is no big surprise for the first ten, campared with the last time ranking. USA schools took 8 out of the best 10 seats. And LBS and Insead lead other European schools.
During the first-tier schools (No.17), IE registered a biggest progress from No. 19 to No. 12 glabally. And IE is No.1 in Spain and No. 3 in Europe. Here is the <u>ranking.
A good job!

4 thoughts on “IE business school is ranked as No.3 in Europe and No. 12 in the world

  1. frank

    Hi, Thank you all for the efforts of this webiste.
    I also considered applying IE. I am not sure wheteher it is strong in Finance as I wish to return to Hongkong and work in a investment banking.

  2. Mingcan

    Hi, Frank,
    Thank you for this comment.
    To be frank, IE is not the best in IB sectors in Europe. But there are a lot of alumni of IE hold some imporatant IB posts in Spain and Europe. The most popular country in EU for finance is London, which is much like New York. If you plan to go back to Hong kong, the importance is whether the school is a “brand name” in Hong Kong.
    IE has a chamber of alumni in Hong Kong. If you like, i can give you the contacts.
    During the application, if any qestions, let us know.


    I’m considering applying for the scholarship. But it seems that IE just offers a half-tuition scholarship.
    How much should be spent on the whole year’s study(international mba)?

  4. Rishabh

    i am rishabh and i am from india, i have applied to IE for the masters in finance programme.
    I would like to know what is the value of the progamme and if i compelete this course , wat is my job prospect in europe and if i come back to india ?

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