We, Chinese students at Insitituto de Empresa, launched this blog with full supports from Mr. Dirk HOPFL, International Development Director. Our ams is to provide some fresh and first-hand knowleges and expepriences at this business school. For 2006’s intake, there is a group of 4 Chinese students, respectively from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Jiangsu. Please feel free to propose any questions about IE, this fantastic business school in Madrid.

3 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Guys,
    Thanks for this. It is a great blog section. Good job. Viva la China.

  2. daniel wang

    Could you give me some ideas about whether there is any difficulties for a Chinese cannot speak Spanish? By the way, can most of you handle the heavey study load successfully?

  3. I am wondering about apartment search and finding a good (value for money) flat near the campus? How did you get around your search, and how did you find flatmates?

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